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  Moon of Hyldemoer Herbals is based on a passion for being & working with the plant world & the deepening gained from these relationships. On the promotion of each person's Veriditas, green life energy, that is augmented & enlivened by one's conversation with the green world.

    Who am I?  Suzanne Belle Stone,

 Community/Intuitive Herbalist of the Wild Heart Tradition

    Growing up in Maine, truly Wabanki land, some of my most profound memories are of plants, fungi & lichen: the Lipstick Lichen of the rocks (my first memory), our backyard full of Lupine, Self-heal & Dandelion in the lawn, playing with the popping seed pods of Jewelweed, woods home to Ghost Pipe, Lady’s Slipper & Witch’s Butter, and the soft, orange ground of the Pine, Oak & Beech forests, Wild Sarsaparilla abounding.  With this beginning, I was led to study plants at an intimate level. 


     For almost two decades, I've been organically growing, studying, & sustainably harvesting herbs. I co-create herbal medicines with the plants to add to an ever-growing apothecary from which I offer

Moon of Hyldemoer Herbal remedies.

Herbal classes to all ages, from children-adults are offered.

     As an avid gardener and plant lover, I grow most of my own herbs. The traditions of growing that I follow include, organic, biodynamic, permaculture & most importantly, listening to & with the plants themselves for guidance.  


    Along with my own research & life experience of learning from the plants & herbs,

I am a greatly thankful to my human teachers & herbal study programs:

Elderberry School of Botanical Medicine’, Portland, OR,

‘From Seed to Herbal Medicine’ Course &

'Body Systems’ Correspondence Course

w/Herbalist Gail Faith Edwards of Blessed ME Farm, Athens, ME,

'Elemental & Alchemical Herbalism'

with Sajah Popham of School of Evolutionary Herbalism, WA

& 'Plant Spirit Medicine' Jillian Twisla of Hyllantree Herbals.


    I am a Master Gardener & a Garden/Verdant World Educator, teaching children & adults how to grow their own food & herbs for nourishment & to deepen relations with these nurturers. 

      For the past decade I have designed, implemented, & fully tended the 1-acre of edible, perennial, ornamental, herbal, pollinator-friendly, & child-centered gardens & orchards, from the ground up at the New Day School, a preschool in Portland, OR.  We grew fresh organic fruits, vegetables & herbs for New Day’s thriving “Farm to Plate” program that fed the whole preschool community.  Weekly I developed & taught garden curriculum to children ages 2 -7, including many classes sharing herbal wisdom & developing relations with the plants themselves. 

See link below for more details on this work.   

Photo by Heather Daniels Pusey

To read the Rhythm/Devotion interview with Suzanne, follow this link: 

: Rhythm/Devotion of Suzanne :

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