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     Welcome to Moon of Hyldemoer Herbals located on the coast of traditional Wabanaki land, also known as Maine, where the sea air dances over the land. As an herbalist of the Wild Heart Tradition,

I focus on ever deepening relation with the verdant world, of

co-creating with herbal allies & tending to & with nourishing herbs to guide ever-dynamic beings. 


Moon of Hyldemoer Herbals is based on a passion for being & working with the plant world & the deepening gained from these relationships. On the promotion of each person's Veriditas, green life energy, that is augmented & enlivened by one's conversation with the green world.

    Moon of Hyldemoer is Suzanne Belle Stone,

 Community/Intuitive Herbalist of the Wild Heart Tradition

    Growing up in Maine, truly Wabanki land, some of my most profound memories are of plants, fungi & lichen: the Lipstick Lichen of the rocks (my first memory), our backyard full of Lupine, Self-heal & Dandelion in the lawn, playing with the popping seed pods of Jewelweed, woods home to Ghost Pipe, Lady’s Slipper & Witch’s Butter, and the soft, orange ground of the Pine, Oak & Beech forests, Wild Sarsaparilla abounding.  With this beginning, I was led to study plants at an intimate level. 


     For almost two decades, I've been organically growing, studying, & sustainably harvesting herbs. I co-create herbal medicines with the plants to add to an ever-growing apothecary from which I offer

Moon of Hyldemoer Herbal remedies. I offer herbal classes for all ages, from children-adults. Current offerings can be linked here.

     As an avid gardener and plant lover, I grow most of my own herbs. The traditions of growing that I follow include, organic, biodynamic, permaculture & most importantly, listening to & with the plants themselves for guidance.  


    Along with my own research & life experience of learning from the plants & herbs, I am a greatly thankful to my human teachers & herbal study programs including:

Elderberry School of Botanical Medicine’, Portland, OR,

'Body Systems’ Correspondence Course

w/Herbalist Gail Faith Edwards of Blessed ME Farm, Athens, ME,

'Elemental & Alchemical Herbalism'

with Sajah Popham of School of Evolutionary Herbalism, WA

& 'Plant Spirit Medicine' Jillian Twisla of Hyllantree Herbals.


    I am a Master Gardener & a Garden/Verdant World Educator, teaching children & adults how to grow their own food & herbs for nourishment & to deepen relations with these nurturers. 

      For a decade I designed, implemented, & fully tended the 1-acre of edible, perennial, ornamental, herbal, pollinator-friendly, & child-centered gardens & orchards, from the ground up at the New Day School, a preschool in Portland, OR.  We grew fresh organic fruits, vegetables & herbs for New Day’s thriving “Farm to Plate” program that fed the whole preschool community.  Weekly I developed & taught garden curriculum to children ages 2 -7, including many classes sharing herbal wisdom & developing relations with the plants themselves. 

     Currently I am a guide for 5-11 year olds in Forest Day & outdoor education settings like Otter Trails, here in Belfast, Me.

Photo by Heather Daniels Pusey

To read the Rhythm/Devotion interview with Suzanne, follow this link: 

: Rhythm/Devotion of Suzanne :

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