Welcome to Moon of Hyldemoer Herbals located on the coast of Wabanaki land, also known as Maine, where the sea air

dances over the land. 

    As an herbalist of the Wild Heart Tradition,

I focus on being in relation with nourishing herbs for an ever-dynamic being. 


New Offerings:

'Sacred Trees Through the Year' Course
January-December, 2020
Yoga Downeast Studio, Orland
& March-January, 2020/21
Aphodian Theater, Portland, ME


  Come traverse the year honoring our tree allies all around us in this 12-class course,

'Sacred Trees Through the Year'.  


  Each monthly class we will meet & honor two-three trees that live in Wabanaki land, also known as Maine, some native to this landscape & some originating elsewhere, learning of folklore, magic & medicine surrounding each one.  Each person will chose one tree to be their ally for the entire year. 

  We will learn identification skills, keep a tree journal, gather prayers/poems/songs of the trees, receive class notes & create magically/medicinally with these majestic allies each class.  As well, an herbal, often tree based, tea will be served. Together as a class we create a Tree Zine honoring our tree allies, offering recipes, poems, prayers, song, drawings, etc,

  Orland course will meet at the 

Yoga Downeast Studio, 98 Castine Rd.


one Wednesday eve per month, from 5:30-7:30 pm.

The first class is Wednesday,  January 15th.  

The last class, December 16, 2020, will be a time of sharing of our tree allies, gift giving to each other & to the trees.

Portland course will meet at the

Aphodian Theater, 107 Hanover St.


one Monday eve per month, from 5:30-7:30 pm. 

(November we will meet twice.)

The first class is Monday, March 23.

The last class, January 11, 2021 will be a time of sharing of our tree allies, gift giving to each other & to the trees.


  Trees of each month are as follows,

the order may change according to how

the seasons unfold:



January: Pine/Cedar

February: Poplar/Spruce

March: Birch/Maple

April: Alder/Ash/Willow

May: Beech/Serviceberry/Tamarack

June: Black Locust/Elder/Hawthorn

July: Linden/Oak/Peach

August: Chokecherry/Hornbeam/Sumac

September: Apple/Hazel/Walnut

October: Nannyberry/Rowan/Witch Hazel

November: Chestnut/Juniper/Yew

December: Balsam Fir/Hemlock



April: Alder/Ash/Willow

May: Beech/Serviceberry/Tamarack

June: Black Locust/Elder/Hawthorn

July: Hornbeam/Linden/Peach

August: Chokecherry/Oak/Sumac

September: Apple/Hazel/Walnut

October: Nannyberry/Rowan/Witch Hazel

November: Chestnut/Ginkgo/Juniper

November: Hemlock/Spruce/Yew

December: Balsam Fir/Holly

January: Pine/Cedar

  The classes will be held the following Wednesday Evenings in Orland & Monday Evenings in Portland.

(There may be changes to this schedule as one never knows what a year can bring.): 


          Orland                              Portland

      Wednesdays:                       Mondays:

 Jan 15                               March 23

Feb 12                               April 6

March 25                         May 18

April 29                           June 8

May 20                            July 13

June 17                            August 10

July 15                             September 7

Aug 19                            October 5

Sept 23                           November 9

Oct 21                             November 30

Nov 18                           December 14

Dec 16                             January 11, 2021


   The cost of this course is:

     Drop-in classes: $20-$30/class, sliding scale

               (Orland course only),


      Whole course: $240-$360, sliding scale. 

               (Orland & Portland courses.)

          Payment plans are possible for all.


There are a few $40 discounted prices for people of color who are in financial need, to address the white washing of western herbalism & the systemic inequalities of the economics of living.


A portion of the profits of this course will go towards supporting thoughtful tree growing projects.


Click on oak leaves to contact for more details

& to enroll:

"We shall awaken from our dullness and rise vigorously toward justice.  If we fall in love with creation deeper & deeper, we will respond to its endangerment with passion." -Hildegard von Bingen

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