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Invasive Plant Medicine Intensive Weekend 
August 24-25, 2024

             This class is a two day intensive designed to hold space for deeper exploration, embodied practice, and conversation towards listening to the beauty, the medicine and the teachings of plants that are deemed to be "invasive" in this part of the world. We will explore concepts of 'good and bad' that are applied to plants and review the histories and belief systems that influence this type of reductionist and divisive thinking. We will be with the plants to ask them about themselves, to listen deeply, to connect, and to learn to collect and prepare medicine with them. We will have space for grieving together the overwhelming confusion and violence of this culture as pertinent to the way these plants and many other beings are treated. We will drop in with the spirits of the plants to learn from them and we will listen to Earth to learn about their role in greater ecology as well. We will talk of medicine and culinary uses of these allies and we will eat some of them. Together, we will build a body of understanding to bring forward into our lives, our kitchens and our apothecaries.

            This class is heart and hand focused, with time divided between feeling, listening, talking and doing… and it is all about relationship. Together we will deepen our relationships with these wisdom keepers, these protectors, these friends, with the aim to understand their place in the world and to learn to receive and utilize their gifts.


August 24 & 25 at Suzanne’s home in Belfast
Cost: $160 paid upon registration
Limited to 14 participants


We will meet outdoors – with an open and airy barn option in the case of rain
BYO lunch but there will be some plant snacks and tea provided 
On-site camping is available for Saturday


Scholarships are available. BIPOC, Queer & Trans folks are prioritized for scholarship allocation, reach out by email to apply.


Please email me with questions if you wish.

As well, email Jillian at with questions/to register

or follow this link: Hyllantree

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