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Pageant of the Plants

Sunday, July 28, 2024

Raindate, Sunday, August 4

“For ones who dream of stranger worlds”

The word Pageant comes from late 14c., pagent, meaning "a play in a cycle of mystery plays," from Medieval Latin pagina, a word of uncertain origin, perhaps from Latin pagina "page of a book".  As our lives are also within these cycles, this is a moment to honor these mysteries,this page within this spiralic book.

Drawing by Catalina Rodríguez

     The Pageant of the Plants is a chance to embody our dear ancestors, the Plants, by way of costume, movement, dance, poetry, music, spoken word, silence…

& witnessing each other in these acts.


    Within this, we honor all aspects of the verdant world,


from the murky, darkness of the slow-moving swamplands,


to the sensual expectancy of the unopened buds,


to the exuberant sexuality of blossoms,


to the cutting wounds of thorns,

to the withered stalks & decomposition of death into life

through all the Seasons.

May this honoring be well received by all.

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Photos by  Eero (IG: @eero.ruuttila) from the first Pageant of the Plants, July 23, 2023.

If you wish to be a part of creating Pageant of the Plants this year, contact

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