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Herbal Courses
Click on the Sunflower below to learn more about
Moon of Hyldemoer Herbals' Seasonal, Hands-On & Online
Medicinal Herbal Classes

Apothecary & Consultations


Extracts, Salves, Infused Oils, Infused Vinegars, Teas, Flower Essences, Planetary

& Tarot Tinctures.

Spring & Fall Herbal Share Offerings.

Herbal Consultations.


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Photo by Heather Daniels Pusey

Detail Gardening & Design


Permaculture/Organic/Intuitive design, implementation, care & maintenance of edible/medicinal/ornamental/magical/

pollinator friendly/children's gardens & memorial gardens to honor loved ones.


Living Funeral Ceremony

Virtual/In Person

As part of an ancient/modern Death Doula practice, Suzanne offers Living Funeral Ceremonies, herbs, ritual & ceremony for grieving/loss.

Click on the picture below to find out more & to sign up for the Virtual Living Funeral Ceremony.


Herbal Astrological Forecasts

Plant Tours/Medicine Making Instruction

Click on the candles for past Herbal Astrological Forecasts

Personal/group plant tours of the land people reside upon as well as personal medicine making guidance & instruction.

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