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White Gourd

White Gourd performs the Justice Card  
Amaza, Santiago, Chile, 2023,, filmed by Paola Santander

Current 2024 White Gourd Shows

March 18, Apohadion Theater
Portland, ME w/Harpy, Water Through Stone, KOVVNS

June 1/2
Free Will Festival
New Portland, ME


For more of White Gourd:


     "White Gourd’s Suzanne Stone makes ritual performance art combining disjointed sounds, left field avant sax freak outs, and machete wielding incantations, to command her audience in her conceptual tarot pieces, which bring to life deep rooted cosmological convictions."-  Matthew Henderson, M.A.S.S. organizer/Xhurch/NTVTY


     White Gourd, the solo performance work of Suzanne Belle Stone, explores the depths of the tarot as metaphorical exploration in the form of music performances collaborating with gong, saxophone, machetes, bass, keys, bells, drums...  Accompanied with a full visual installation, and ritual costume, the presence of each performance has a completely different effect with the chosen card for the evening or tour. She is also well known for her involvement as vocalist & saxophonist in the experimental ensemble Million Brazilians.

Lost Discovery Radio shows featuring White Gourd & ofttimes Alessandre:
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