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Living Funeral Ceremonies

Virtual/In Person

Photo by Emily Cross, 
the creator of this ceremony,

   This has been a couple years of great loss, change, global grieving & reckoning, facing death on many levels as well as many new opportunities & much new life. My heart goes to those of us who have lost loved ones & ways of life. Everyone meets these transitions on different levels, walks different paths, yet we all in some way walk with grief, hopefully with a supportive community.  

   These past years have led me to fully delve into my interest in Death Doula work, including training with Death Doula Emily Cross to offer Living Funeral Ceremonies, both virtually & in-person. I feel honored to be able to lead people through this intimate, compassionate experience of meeting their own impermanence.


   The Virtual Living Funeral Ceremony offers an experiential, transformative opportunity for people to contemplate their own mortality. In the comfort of their own spaces, participants are led through the rich mystery of their life by meditating upon their past, present, & unfurling future.


    In this two to three hour ceremony, each participant is led to contemplate their own memorial as they imagine letting go of their earthly selves. They are guided to write their last words & desires and be gently led through a death meditation using guided imagery. Many have found this experience to be transforming, life-affirming & even life-redirecting. 


     Some reasons a person may wish to experience a Virtual Living Funeral ceremony include wishing to overcome fears of death, facing changes in their lives that feel final, or may be just feeling curious about death. This ceremony is for anyone who feels prepared to experience their own mortality.

     Participants may wish to be a part of a group or have a private Living Funeral Ceremony with up to 4 members of their own choosing.

Virtual Living Funeral Ceremony 

2-3 hours: $45-70 sliding scale

Private Virtual Living Funeral Ceremony

2-3 hours: $65-75


Private Virtual Living Funeral Ceremony

$150 flat rate. Limited to 4 participants.

                   Contact to join a ceremony or book a private session.

        The next Living Funeral Ceremony will be offered

Saturday, July 23, 2022

1-4 pm


Blue Hill, Wabanaki land Maine


"Suzanne is an artist, and her years of ceremonial performance shine though in her ability to create a curious, compassionate, exploratory space for the living funeral experience. I felt a willingness to be led into uncomfortable emotional places and to explore what arose there, because I trusted the one who is leading me. Suzanne inspires deep trust and has a powerful wisdom to create sacred space in which to let yourself feel things that would be too difficult or overwhelming to feel otherwise."  -B.M.

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