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Plant Spirit Medicine

Co-Teaching w/Jillian Twisla, Hope

October 2019

June10/August14/October 23, 2021/2022



Respiratory Body System & Supportive Herbs

Co-Teaching w/Steve Byers

Rohege, Belfast

June 19, 2021/2022



'Planetary Herb Class: Venus'

'Planetary Herb Class: Jupiter'

Window of the Sky Pop-Up, Belfast

Aug/Sept 2020



'Sacred Trees Through the Year'

Yoga Downeast Studio, Orland, Jan-Dec, 2020

& Longfellow Arboretum, Portland, Mar-Jan 2020/21



Moon of Hyldemoer Herbals 

Hands-On Herbal Course

May-September 2017-2019

 In this course, we deepen our relationship with the herbal allies all around us. We cultivate confidence in herbal medicine making & in creating our own herbal apothecary.

Those with some herbal medicine making experience expand on this & further their herbal study.

May-September Hands-On Herbal Course includes:

  -Building an awareness of the seasonal herbal plant timeline

  -Hands-on medicine making: (drying herbs, infusions, decoctions, tinctures, vinegars, oils, salves, liniments, glycerines, syrups, flower essences, cordials, poultices, incenses, shrubs)

  -Herb Identification Walks each class

  -Materia Medica for over 60 plants that grow around us

  -Ethical Harvesting, Wildgathering & Reciprocity

  -Choosing ones own personal Herbal Ally for the duration of the course

  -Herbal Actions, Folklore, Theirstory, Energetics,

Plant Spirit Medicine, Herbal Magic 

  -Organic/permaculture methods on growing, tending & harvesting herbs

  -Seasonal Tea served each class

   Classes are held in my Belfast, Maine home/garden in 13,

4 hour class sessions.  We will meet 2-3x/month from

May-September.  A total of 52 hours class time.

Classes are Sunday afternoons from 1:30-5:30 pm. 

Schedule:  May 19, 26/June 2, 16, 30/July 7, 21, 28/

August 11, 18/ September 8, 15, 29

This course is open to 9 students.  Total cost is $485-$625, sliding scale, according to ability to pay.  $50 non-refundable deposit will hold your space & goes towards the total cost of the course.  Payment plans possible. 

(A portion of the course cost will be donated to a local non-profit.)

Email with questions & for more details about the course,

deposits & payments. 

Let's meet for tea.


Grieving with Pine June 2023

Invasive Plant Medicine June 2019

      Honoring Hildegard June 2018

     Herbal Beer Making June 2017

Blessed Maine Herb Farm

Community Herbalist Retreat



 Medicine & Magic in Our Kitchens

Rohege, Belfast

Nov-Dec, 2019



Honoring Hildegard

Hildegard Feast Day Celebration

Blessed Maine Herb Farm, Athens

Sept 2018, 2019, 2023


 Herbal Beer Making

 Maine Herbalist Gathering 2018



Herbs of the Hedge Witch

Summer-Fall 2018

Kitchen Witchen

Fall 2018

Herbs of the Sabbat

Along the Wheel, 2019

Sacred Trees of the Year

Jan-Dec 2019

Alder & Vine, Belfast


Monthly Moon of Hyldemoer Herbal Forecasts

in the Atavisceral Astrological Podcast

hosted by Astrologer Crssy Puccire

 Past Moon of Hyldemoer Herbal Class Offerings




"Suzanne, you have a gift. Your way with special. Your way of sharing the information is also special. I never once felt judged or left out or inadequate in your presence - or the presence of my classmates. You are kind, sensitive, funny, and exude love. I was truly honored to spend this time with you and to have you hold my hand through introductory herbalism (though it felt like more than just introductory)!"   -Brenda


"I can hardly begin to express how much your classes have meant to me this year... They have brought an incredible amount of joy, gratitude, enthusiasm and life. I also appreciate the quiet and meaningful way you start each class with herbal smoke clearing, sitting quietly & tuning in, and poem. I like that there's no pressure to share things unless you feel-your non-intrusive sweet whimsical wise energy and understanding makes that very clear. And of course, I enjoy picking an herbal ally and going deep with her through a class, sharing a bit, and the witch switch." 



   "I love your “use what you have” philosophy – this was very freeing for me. I feel like I have learned/been inspired to really make a life with plants...I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who has an interest in plants and herbalism – and wants to learn more."    -Renée

"I'm so happy to hear that you are offering another course. I honestly wish I could take your class over and over again, and I'm so glad more people are getting the wonderful opportunity to learn from you. I felt your class was so informative and made a subject that can be overwhelming, attainable. I can't believe the amount I learned in such a short time. The hands-on learning was key for me."


Background Photo by Heather Daniels Pusey

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