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Waybread Reflexology
The honor of holding another's feet & hands in a comforting, compassionate embrace. 

      Reflexology is a complementary therapy that uses pressure on reflex points of the feet & hands that correspond with organs, systems & parts of the body. In a full Reflexology session, the full feet and/or hands are cared for to tend to the whole being; some people feel this offers relaxation, reduction in stress, promotes improved circulation, improves sleep, among other benefits. 

me at arboretum_edited.jpg
me at arboretum_edited.jpg

What an honor to be a conduit between the Earth & the soles that many use to walk upon our beloved creatrix & also for the hands that tend so much. Having triplicity in Pisces, tending to feet feels quite fitting & as one who has worked with my hands for much of my life, I know how lovely it feels to be cared for, for these hard-working parts of our bodies.        


I am drawn to Reflexology as I am so enamored with the spectrum of macrocosmic/microcosmic views of the world; the idea of our whole bodies being reflected in hands & feet resonates with me. Offering care for the feet & hands, parts of our body that we often ask of so much, feels akin to spending soothing time in a nourishing field of Oats, as they ring their bell-like seeds in the sea wind, conferring sustenance to the land.

Photo by Colleen Kinsella

Reflexology sessions offered Fridays & Saturdays, at Belfast Wellness Therapies

96 A High Street, Belfast

  • 30 minutes hand reflexology: $35-40

  • 60 minutes feet reflexology: $65-75

  • 90 minutes feet & hands reflexology: $90-100


Full & partial trades are considered. Please talk with me if the prices are prohibitive; we can find a way together.


Contact to schedule an session.

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