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"There is a deity in nature that we all understand. When you walk into a forest- great or small-you enter it in

               one state and emerge from it calmer. You have that cathedral feeling and you're never the same again.

                                          You come out of there and know something big has happened to you."  

                                                                    -Diana Beresford-Kroeger


                  Moon of Hyldemoer On-line Course Offering 2022


               Deepening with the Trees 


                 What are the simple daily devotions to the Earth & the Cosmos that bring us great meaning?

                                                          These times call us to this kind of question.


   Trees are our Wise Ancestors. As people, we come from deep relation with Trees & this kinship is still ever-present.  As we continue meeting the Air epoch, let us look to our ancient Ancestors, the Trees, who are bound to & nourished by the Earth, in constant communication with Air, experts at Water movement & creation, & have varied relations with Fire, including the dance of sustenance with great Fire, our Sun.


     As we move with a warmer planet, let us talk with, support & encourage Tree beings who know how to transform much of this excess warmth from carbon dioxide into oxygen, into cooling & into rain. As we have been moved inward in so many ways through this past year of the pandemic, let us call upon Trees who understand how to work in community, those who know how to offer devotion daily with their dance in the wind, those who know how to live among the elements in a constant way & thus have great wisdom to offer.


     In this two-section, year-long, on-line course, we will honor two trees/month, be promoted to find where they, or their kin, live in our own surroundings & spend time with them. In the classes, we will touch on some Tree identification & the physical, emotional, spiritual medicine of these Trees. Each class will have a focus on a way of being that the Trees specialize in. Through story medicine, we will learn of the Trees & create/find our own story with these wise beings. 


  Each class we will explore different ways of relating with these ancient allies from recipes, spirit work ideas, & journaling, to tree movement & journeys with the trees. Continued work with the trees during the month is encouraged. Tree teas for each class will be sent to continue to deepen our relations. A zine honoring our deepening with the Trees will be created together as a class.


   Classes will be held one Wednesday/month for 2 hrs. held on zoom from 7-9 pm EST. 


                First half: Jan 26, Feb 16, March 16, April 20, May 18, June 15//

                Second half: July 20, August 10, September 14, October 19, November 16, December 28.

                                              (Class dates are subject to change.)


             Classes will be recorded, so if these are missed, the recordings will be available.

                       The classes can be taken individually or as half year sections. 


             First Half :    


                   Jan 26: Grieving: Pine/Peach

                   Feb 16: Protection: Rowan/Cedar

                   March 16: Rising in a Spiral: Birch/Maple

                   April 20: Clearing/Listening: Alder/Ash

                   May 18: Tending to Wounds: Willow/Poplar

                   June 15: Opening: Hawthorn/Dogwood


               Second Half :


                    July 20: Community Care: Linden/Sumac

                    August 10: Grounding: Oak/Beech

                    September 14: Abundance: Apple/Walnut

                    October 19: Portals: Elder/ Hazel

                    November 16:  Ancestors/Tending to the Underworld:  Juniper/Spruce

                    December 28: Death & Rebirth: Yew/Fir


        Energy exchange: $30-40/class, sliding scale.

        First Half (6 classes Feb-June): $165-240, sliding scale.

        Second Half (6 classes July-Dec): $165-240, sliding scale.

               Personalized payment plans are available. 

         I am willing to meet people where they are at & am open to ideas.

                            Please email me with questions or concerns.


                            A percentage of the class payment will go to supporting Trees.


        With wings that dip into shadow, light, Moon, Sun & all in between,

              Suzanne Belle Stone

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